About Us

The Brand

Kooreloo is a distinguishable brand of unique handbags and more. 

It was born out of artist Lila Karagianni's realization that European chic and the Mediterranean tradition invited for an unforced, if not natural, combination. Each creation blends together the idiosyncratic modern personality of the artist with local materials that come directly from the glorious heritage of Greece. Traditional weave, semiprecious stones, luxurious, one-of-a-kind fabrics. These bags are handcrafted with exceptional care and are better described as art objects. 

But there is more. All kooreloo creations have a secret: when opened, splashes of Mediterranean colors are released. You can almost sense the scents of grapes, cobs and roses.


The Team


Lila Karagianni, Co-Founder and Art Director

Lila was born with a rare condition. As far back as she can remember, the only way for her to achieve a state of mental serenity was when she looked at and touched vivid, bright colors. After a walk on the beaten path with studies and a successful career in finance, she decided to take the leap, quit her job and devoted herself to art. She has been painting for the past 10 years with continuous search for inspiration in almost every detail of her Greek Mediterranean surrounding. Kooreloo is Lila’s inspiration, after having envisaged art through a common - yet extraordinary - folklore material, the colourful rag rugs called “kourelou”.  This is how the Kooreloo brand was born.


Alex Krassanakis, Co-Founder and Managing Director 

Alex has always believed that art is the best manifestation of whatever Man may consider divine.  He thinks of himself as a natural-born traveller, in fact he cannot remember living in the same place for more than three years in a row after his childhood.  With studies in the U.S. and following three expatriation assignments during a dynamic career in the Financial Sector with regional Operations and HR roles for a large multinational, he still salivates like an intern for any new challenge that comes around his professional life. His deep love for art, combined with the end-product and exciting prospects of the Kooreloo brand, was enough to completely seduce him and make him join this amazing journey.